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Do Colors Really Matter?

We've all seen it before...web sites or pages with really bad color combinations! And what do we do when we venture across this? Generally speaking, we leave. We move on without really looking to see what this visually-challenging site has to offer.

This is why it's important to really plan your color scheme! Don't just pick your favorite colors, take the time to learn a little bit about colors. What colors do most people like? What do these colors subconsciously mean to most people?

Of course this goes for ALL colors on your site. Make sure the text color is working well with the background color, etc. Visual interest will only be a "plus" for your invitation/announcement, but too many colors that don't compliment each other may turn people away!

We've done a little searching for you and have found some excellent sources where you can learn more!

  • Psychology of Color - Did you know that Sports teams sometimes paint the locker rooms used by opposing teams bright pink so their opponents will lose energy? I sure didn't! But this article will tell you all about how color can affect your mood!
  • ColorMatters.com - Computer Color - The world of computer color is extremely significant for every one on the web today. Find out more about how computers create color and why these colors can be perceived quite differently.
  • Web Color Basics - Check this article out for a good understanding of "Browser-Safe" colors and what makes color look different on different systems.
  • Color Theory: Overview - This site includes a handy tutorial on color basics and resources to learn more. Everything you ever wanted to know and MORE about the science of color.

You always want to keep your audience in mind. If you're going for a younger audience, use brighter, more vibrant colors; where as more subdued colors (and larger type) are ideal for a more mature audience.

NEW! Changing Address Book Group Names

At the time, the name you assigned that Address Book group probably made sense, but now you're looking at it wishing you had named it something else!

You now have the capability to change your Group Names in your SendAnInvite Address Book! Go into your Address Book and go to the Group you want to rename. You'll see a new button next to the Group name that says "Rename". Click that button and enter the new name you want for the group and click SAVE.

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